In this section there is a text in English .Translate it into Chinese.Write your translation on ANSWER SHEET2.(15points)

“Suatainability” has become apopular word these days, but to Ted Ning, theconcept will always have personal meaning. Having endured apainful period ofunsustainability in

his own life made itclear to him thatsustainability-oriented values must be expressed though everyday action andchoice.

Ning recalls spending aconfusing year in the late 1990s selling insurance.He?d been though the dot-com boom and burst and,desperate for ajob,signed onwith a Boulder agency.

It didin?t go well. “It was a really had move because that?s not mypassion,” says Ning, whose dilemma about the job translated, predictably, into alack of sales. “I was miserable, I had so much anxiety that I would wake up inthe middle of the night and stare at the ceiling. I had no money and needed thejob. Everyone said, ?Just wait, you?ll trun the corner, give it some time.?”