1. that 指导主语从句时,that 没成心义,但不克不及省略。(that 指导宾语从句时可以省略。)

For example:

It worried her a bit that her hair was turning

gray.她的头发正在变白,这使她很不安。that指导主语从句,it 作情势主语,that 不克不及省略。

That she is a rich woman is known to us all. 家喻户晓,她是个富有的女人。这是that指导主语从句,that 不克不及省略。这句话可以改成用it 作情势主语的句型。请同窗们改写:It is known to us all that she is arich woman.)

We didn’t know (that) you had sold your house.咱们不晓得你已把你的屋子卖了。这是that指导宾语从句,that 可以省略。注重这句话的时态。

2. 从句作主语时,大都环境下由 it 作情势主语,而把主语从句放在后面,特别是谓语部门(包含宾语)较短的环境下。

For example:

It wasn’t very clear what she meant. 不清晰她是甚么意思。

It is important that he should come on time. 他定时来是很首要的。

It is true that that man on the left is a well-known writer here.左侧那小我是当地的一名闻名作家,这是真的。这里,第一个that 指导主语从句,是纯真的连词,无词义,不作句子成份。第二个that是批示代词,作句子成份,是man 的定语。

3. whether 既可以指导主语从句也能够指导宾语从句,但if不克不及指导主语从句。whether 后面可以加or not, 而if 不克不及与ornot 连用。作介词宾语时不消if.

Whether I knew John doesn’t matter. = It doesn’t matter whether I knewJohn. 我是否定识约翰没有瓜葛。

Whether or not

she’ll come isn’t clear. = Whether she’ll come or not isn’tclear. = It isn’t clear whether …. 她是不是来还不清晰。

It all depends on whether we can get their cooperation. 这是主语从句仍是宾语从句?it是情势主语吗?it 是代词,whether 指导的是宾语从句,作介词on 的宾语,不克不及用if指导。请翻译这句话。这彻底取决于咱们是不是能获得他们的互助。

I worry about whether I hurt her feelings. 宾语从句,介词宾语,不克不及用if 指导。请翻译这句话。

She asked me whether/if you were married. 宾语从句,既可以用whether, 又可以用if指导。注重时态的对应。请翻译这句话。

We haven’t decided whether/if we shall give them aid.

I’m not sure whether/if the report is believable.



It is still hard to predict who will win the next presidentialelection.


Who will become the president doesn’t matter much to most citizens.

这位前总统是不是会被判处极刑另有待察看。It remains to be seen whether the ex-president will besentenced to death.


It is a pity

that Prof. Wang can’t attend our English Evening.


What we need is more time.